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Glass Cups

AVAILABLE IN POPULAR SIZES! ㆍX-large 3.0" (76mm) dia. cup ㆍLarge 2.5" (64mm) dia. cup ㆍMedium 2.2" (56mm) dia. cup ㆍSmall 1.9" (48mm) dia. cup ㆍX-small 1.5" (38mm) dia. cup

Cupping Sets

2 Great Sets to Choose From! These quality cupping sets set a new standard in value. Cups are constructed of high-quality lightweight plastic. Each cup is equipped with a premium smooth operating the air-locking valve. The sets also contain a durable, comfortable, pistol grip hand pump. Made in Korea.

Suction Pump(gun) for Cupping set

Super High Quality replacement suction gun, can be used with most cupping sets, made in Korea.

Disposable Cups for Cupping Set

Disposable Cups for Cupping Set (Plastic) SIZE ; 2 1/8" (54mm) Dia. Cups QUANTITY ; 100 cups/box

Magnetic Cupping Sets

MAGNETIC TREATMENT WITHOUT NEEDLES! The Haci Five Elements magnetic acupressure cupping set develops the theories of traditional Chinese medcine. It is a combination of 5 therapies; namely, acupuncture and moxibustion, acupoint pressure, magnetic treatment, negative pressure and drug osmosis. Its stimulation to acupoints and physio-therapy rival those of traditional acupuncture, moxibustion and massage. In addition it also has the effects of regulating biological electromagnetic field, activating enzymes and improving immunity, 8 piece set includes 4 bio-north (-), 4 bio-south (+) cups. Skin lotion is used to enhance suction. Includes, padded case, cream, manual (Chinese only). NOW AVAILABLE IN A 12 PCS SET and 18 PCS SET TOO!

Extension hose

Extension hose will be helped a place of body where we can't reach.