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    Replacement Cups for Cupping Sets

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    Cupping Sets

    2 Great Sets to Choose From! These quality cupping sets set a new standard in value. Cups are constructed of high-quality lightweight plastic. Each cup is equipped with a premium smooth operating the air-locking valve. The sets also contain a durable, comfortable, pistol grip hand pump. Made in Korea.

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  • Suction Pump(gun) for Cupping set

    Super High Quality replacement suction gun, can be used with most cupping sets, made in Korea.

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    Disposable Cups for Cupping Set

    Disposable Cups for Cupping Set (Plastic) SIZE ; 2 1/8" (54mm) Dia. Cups QUANTITY ; 100 cups/box

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  • Magnetic Cupping Sets

    MAGNETIC TREATMENT WITHOUT NEEDLES! The Haci Five Elements magnetic acupressure cupping set develops the theories of traditional Chinese medcine. It is a combination of 5 therapies; namely, acupuncture and moxibustion, acupoint pressure, magnetic treatment, negative pressure and drug osmosis. Its stimulation to acupoints and physio-therapy rival those of traditional acupuncture, moxibustion and massage. In addition it also has the effects of regulating biological electromagnetic field, activating enzymes and improving immunity, 8 piece set includes 4 bio-north (-), 4 bio-south (+) cups. Skin lotion is used to enhance suction. Includes, padded case, cream, manual (Chinese only). NOW AVAILABLE IN A 12 PCS SET and 18 PCS SET TOO!

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    Glass Cups

    AVAILABLE IN POPULAR SIZES! ㆍX-large 3.0" (76mm) dia. cup ㆍLarge 2.5" (64mm) dia. cup ㆍMedium 2.2" (56mm) dia. cup ㆍSmall 1.9" (48mm) dia. cup ㆍX-small 1.5" (38mm) dia. cup

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  • Extension hose

    Extension hose will be helped a place of body where we can't reach.

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